We innovate solutions that solve real customer needs close to the production.

C’monde Studios was an early influencer to identify and tackle the challenge of a widening gorge between market insight and production output. Keeping true to customer insight philosophy we now capitalise on our close proximity to China, improved innovation feasibility and a network of best-in-class suppliers we earned from being in China for over a decade.

We differentiate ourselves by actively conducting research with focus on the powerful Chinese consumer. We gather both quantitative and qualitative insights that map and quantify customers habits, feelings and desires.


Johan M Persson

Founder / Creative Director

MSc Industrial design (BA) Umea University. UID, National Collage of Art Craft and Design, Stockholm 2001. Winner of large scholarship upon graduation. 2 time Swedish Young Designer Of The Year (Ung Svensk Form 2000, 2001). Finalist in the Braun Prize 2002. Now multiple award-winning, with 20 year track record of design management and working with a row of top-tier brands and design names such as Karim Rashid and No Picnic.

Jonas Lundin

Innovation Director

With a strong foothold in the design thinking process, live-ideation and customer participation workshops, Jonas manages projects from data analysis, consumer observations, insight synthesis, concept-development and implementation.

Elaine Kong

Legal & Business Manager

Degree in commercial studies from University of Western Ontario, supplemented by a law degree from University of Windsor. Prior to coming on board, Elaine was an associate at Baker & McKenzie and assistant legal counsel at Sing Tao News Corporation. With a variety of strings to her bow, Elaine is sure to make a lasting impact on C’monde Studios.

Catherine Wong

Sr Industrial Designer

An energetic leader, Catherine is our Industrial Design Lead and an integral member of our team. Catherine comes to us with 10 years solid experience from Philips Design and Gibson Innovation where she held similar roles. She is exceptionally seasoned, particularly in audio design.


At C’monde we are always looking for talented people to work and cooperate with. Our studio is growing and we are seeking both full time and freelance talents. We have many ongoing design projects in different fields.

Please contact us at work@cmonde.com
We can’t wait to hear from you!


Awesome self-starting intern with ability to hit the ground running! We offer paid internship, and you will get the opportunity to produce meaningful work, develop your professional skills, and network with some of the best talent in the industry.

Can’t wait to talk with us? Connect by sending us an e-mail with your portfolio at work@cmonde.com


To become the best, we must work with the best. C’monde partners up with leading suppliers in the region to create powerful synergies, bringing a full suite of complementary services to our clients allowing them to tap our strategic partners’ resources and expertise while enjoying our premier services.


We believe people become their best when they learn from the best. Our Designer Exchange Programme is a pilot organized by C’monde Studios together with two of Sweden’s top agencies Above and No Picnic. By expanding horizons and working in different platforms, all agencies can accelerate their development and make their offerings truly world class.


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