Designer Johan Persson on Hong Kong as global start-up and design hub

Cmonde News

ScanAsia / Cover Story

By: Joakim Persson

Meet Johan Persson, a Swedish native with a 20-year track record of brand and design management, successfully operating out of Hong Kong since ten years back. Running his own industrial design studio C’monde Studios from there Johan benefits from being at the doorstep of the ‘world’s factory’ – Shenzhen (in China); which played a key part in moving from Stockholm to the Far East. He is now also building the own audio accessory brand ‘me.u’, consisting in a concept of curated music playlists and earphones, where his own hobby and strong interest in music has nicely come into play as well.

Well established as one of Hong Kong’s top designers Johan can also paint his picture with some interesting insights about the local, emerging design and start-up scene. This is also the theme for a recent documentary film Designers Inbetween (directed by the Finn Oliver Lehtonen and his colleague), featuring Johan among many other Scandinavians and the crème the la crème of Hong Kong’s design scene.