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Strategic Design & Innovation for Connected Products and Digital Services

In the past most commercial solutions have either been a product or a service. Today, it is a seamless combination of the two. 

We offer a strategic design and innovation service tailored for digital services and connected products at the edge of cloud.

Tools, methods, and road maps for navigating a rapidly changing world

Test early, test often. The only reliable way to future-proof new ideas

With Shenzhen in our back, we move fast using a build, test and learn process

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3 great examples of co-creating companies

Leading global corporations uses co-creation as a way to generate new business ideas. One way to do this is by inviting customers, employees and start-up teams to join a Customer Innovation Workshops. Together with the company they share and prototype ideas. From this collaboration, a number of new ideas have emerged that we describe here.


5 examples how design add shareholder value

Design has become a powerful tool for innovation. Companies are using design methodologies to create new products, digital services, and even business models to keep up with the changing needs of the market. Designers are helping businesses identify new opportunities, come up with new ideas that bring business values.


The future of work

The rising need to work from home will play a discerning role in guiding us back to the workplace across the world. Because of COVID-19, companies are strategically reconsidering all things about the office as we once knew it — from the physical space to the process, people, and organisational culture that define it.