The Greater Bay Area: Smart Thinking

Cmonde News

Three words that arguably sum up the essence of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative – integration, connectivity and synergy. Embracing this tripartite spirit, Hong Kong design and innovation consultancy, C’monde Studios, has developed a business model that also adds innovation into the mix. The company, based in the PMQ complex in the Central District, believes that if Hong Kong, its home city, optimises its performance in the coming years, it will be a powerful driver of developments at the very heart of the GBA.

Just over a year on from the Beijing Central Government unveiling its outline plan for the GBA, the small but committed team at C’monde remains intent on building a business capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities of the envisaged Pearl River Delta (PRD) economic powerhouse.

The transformation of the region – which extends across Hong Kong , Macao and nine Guangdong cities, a 70 million‑strong consumer market with a combined GDP of US$1.6 trillion – forms part of China’ wider vision of an inter‑linked world within the framework of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Ultimately, Beijing sees establishing long‑lasting commercial ties, both regionally and internationally, as essential for global economic development.

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