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Join us in a deep dive into user behaviours in Indian sub-continent.

To create a seamless user experience, we understood the importance of comprehensively understanding our users’ needs, values, and behaviors. This involved not just the individuals using the product but also all stakeholders involved in the supply chain. Only with this understanding, were we able to build a solution from the ground up that met the requirements of all users and stakeholders.

Our solution is built on an enhanced Zigbee 3.0 platform that has been specially optimised for the unique conditions and needs of the Indian power grid where spikes and surges are common. Without protection this can damage the electronics.

Throughout the development process, we conducted thorough user research using various methods, including field research, in-home interviews, stakeholder mapping. This process was especially fascinating as it allowed us to gain valuable insights into the cultural requirements and behaviours.


By incorporating these insights into our product design, we are confident that our solution will effectively meet the needs of our users and provide an enhanced user experience. Overall, it has been a fantastic journey for our team, and we are excited to see the positive impact our solution will have on users in the Indian market.

After conducting our interview analysis, we discovered a deep and prominent need for a “family proof interface.” In India, families often live in multigenerational groups, and many homeowners are hesitant to introduce new technology to the home if not everyone can use it. To address this issue, we worked closely with our users to co-develop an interface that would be inclusive.  This ensures that our product functions seamlessly and reliably within the Indian context, providing a tailored experience for our users.


KEUS Access Hub

A truly advanced gatekeeper for the smartest of homes. Stores and backs up everything that matters and secure like Fort Knox.

  • Connects Keus smart home to the internet
  • Seamless communication with the Keus app.
  • Proprietary security layers to further enchance military grade encryption.

Truly Mobile

Meet the smart remote controlling your home. An exquisitely designed portable room controller. The one touch ambience achieve the perfect mood through the world of scenes


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