Mapping the customer journey

In a digital age where the abundance of choice overwhelms consumers, there are two activities that better than other trigger initial consideration in the consumer journey. Innovation and User Experience have sailed up to become the two most important activities to drive growth and represent primary drivers for differentiation and consumer loyalty in an overall more cost-effective process.

The future of work

The rising need to work from home will play a discerning role in guiding us back to the workplace across the world. Because of COVID-19, companies are strategically reconsidering all things about the office as we once knew it — from the physical space to the process, people, and organisational culture that define it.

Three trends changing China

The most successful companies we work with spend time empathising with their customer segments, embracing their different culture to uncover actionable customer insight that becomes key to drive long term growth. Other companies try easier ways relying on sales figures to point the way but this is far less effective.

How AI is transforming the landscape of design as we know it

Human-centred innovation that has competitive value begins with unearthing a customer’s unmet or un-articulated needs. One of the greatest struggles for designers has always been to easily identify these areas. In comes AI and stretch innovation by allowing designers to anticipate individual users’ needs.

Breeding grounds from Chinas next unicorn

The bond between Hong Kong and Shenzhen provides some major advantages to an entrepreneur. The blend of culture, governance, location and accessibility makes the region to one of the most appealing spots for IoT development, attracting companies and entrepreneurs from around the world.