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Storytelling though design

Trickling down rocks, Reflecting sun’s vibrant light, Nature’s gift, pure water. This project is for sale. Contact us if interested.


Keysnote in Ningbo for HK TDC

I was honored to represent HK’s Creative Industries in a keynote speech for the Hong Kong Trade & Development Council in Ningbo, China. Hong Kong is in my view a unique city that sits in-between east and west.


Three trends changing China

The most successful companies we work with spend time empathising with their customer segments, embracing their different culture to uncover actionable customer insight that becomes key to drive long term growth. Other companies try easier ways relying on sales figures to point the way but this is far less effective.


How AI is transforming the landscape of design as we know it

Human-centred innovation that has competitive value begins with unearthing a customer’s unmet or un-articulated needs. One of the greatest struggles for designers has always been to easily identify these areas. In comes AI and stretch innovation by allowing designers to anticipate individual users’ needs.


Nuts and bolts for the IoT start-up

With a little help from my friends Bay McLaughlin, Co-founder and COO at BRINC IoT Accelerator, Tony Verb, Managing Partner at METTĀ and George Charkviani, Partner at FRANKLY HOWL design and production agency, I set out to answer some of the most common questions I hear from IoT startups planning to set up shop in Hong Kong.


Breeding grounds from Chinas next unicorn

The bond between Hong Kong and Shenzhen provides some major advantages to an entrepreneur. The blend of culture, governance, location and accessibility makes the region to one of the most appealing spots for IoT development, attracting companies and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Design thinking

10 Questions in a stellar design brief

A design brief is something that is vital to any design project and frames the expected delivery. It provides designers with the essential information they will need to reach or even better, exceed clients’ expectations. This strategic business insight is what provides the back-bone to design and product development and secures the return on your investment.


Designing the Swedish Pavilion for BODW in Hong Kong

This exhibition presents the latest trends in young Swedish design, with its fabulous craftsmanship and new forms of expression. Ung Svensk Form is a juried award and a traveling exhibition whose purpose is to broaden and deepen knowledge about young and innovative Swedish design. A major focus is the need to create and explore freely without having to respond to market demands.


Speaker Guangzhou International Innovation Conference

Speaking at the inaugural Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Conference in conjunction with Guangzhou Innovation Festival taking place in Guangzhou, Peoples Republic of China, between the 5th– 6th December 2016. This is the place where brands & corporates connect with start ups & disruptive innovation who come together in a unique environment to forge new relationships, share knowledge and create business opportunities in Guangzhou, China and Asia as a whole. The event is going to bring together over 1000 founders, entrepreneurs, makers, investors, corporate & brand executives and opinion formers from Guangzhou, China, Singapore, Israel, Europe, USA, as well as the rest of Asia.


Designer Johan Persson on Hong Kong as global start-up and design hub

Well established as one of Hong Kong’s top designers Johan can also paint his picture with some interesting insights about the local, emerging design and start-up scene. This is also the theme for a recent documentary film Designers Inbetween (directed by the Finn Oliver Lehtonen and his colleague), featuring Johan among many other Scandinavians and the crème the la crème of Hong Kong’s design scene.