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Interviews from Hong Kong’s Creative Industry

Interviews with Hong Kong based architects and designers, both local and international. In the interviews they describe the city’s agile posture from different view ports and its position as gateway to the rest of Asia.


Designers Inbetween. A Documentary Film About HongKong’s Start-up Industry

Designers Inbetween is a documentary Film that explores the entrepreneurial opportunities in Hong Kong, the world’s third largest financial centre and uncovering the challenges faced when building a start-up company. It shows the real startup life; where the risk, hard work, and pressure challenges founders everyday.


Top 10 Best Designers in Hong Kong

Culture Trip Magazine – Hong Kong is considerd a gateway to the lucrative and prosperous Asia-Pacific consumer market. The city has recently seen a rise in start-ups and Western designers taking up residence to be closer to the nearby Southern manufacturing providence in China. Here is a list of the city’s most celibrated contemporary designers, who combine from with function to create fluid flawless design.


3 great examples of co-creating companies

Leading global corporations uses co-creation as a way to generate new business ideas. One way to do this is by inviting customers, employees and start-up teams to join a Customer Innovation Workshops. Together with the company they share and prototype ideas. From this collaboration, a number of new ideas have emerged that we describe here.


Fuse magazine list us among stand out speaker during BODW

The highly regarded annual Business of Design Week (BODW), now in its fifteenth year, once again showcased a wide reaching programme of over 60 speakers and produced another ambitious line-up of design luminaries and attentive discussions.


Speaker at BODW, Asias premier design event

Super happy to be invited to speak again at Asia’s premier design event. This year I will speak about – 3 simple steps to improve your customers validation process. Launching a new product is a risky business and always takes a huge amount of resources. Having a clear idea of your customers are key for early stage success.

Design thinking

Mapping the customer journey

In a digital age where the abundance of choice overwhelms consumers, there are two activities that better than other trigger initial consideration in the consumer journey. Innovation and User Experience have sailed up to become the two most important activities to drive growth and represent primary drivers for differentiation and consumer loyalty in an overall more cost-effective process.


The future of work

The rising need to work from home will play a discerning role in guiding us back to the workplace across the world. Because of COVID-19, companies are strategically reconsidering all things about the office as we once knew it — from the physical space to the process, people, and organisational culture that define it.


Meet the next generation of AI headphones

The headphones market is a fascinating place right now. Long gone are the ever tangling wire ball mess. Todays headphones boast a voice-controlled artificially intelligent coach that that track heart rate, heart rate variability, cadence, speed and elevation information, tracked through ai, sophisticates software and sensors.