C’monde is a research driven Design & Innovation Agency with an ambition to help companies transform untapped customer needs into new and meaningful products. We usually start this process by speaking directly to the customers in qualitative interviews to understand their needs, values, behaviours and attitudes. Often this method unearth game-changing insights for our clients or point to new potential markets. Screening, Interview guide and Analysis


In our ideation the identified pain points are broken down, and rebuilt into new and novel solutions which we frame in value proposition. We continue to prototype and test ideas with our fast moving team to identify the most viable, relevant and most attractive solution for the customer, segment or for the relevant stakeholder using tools and methods from Design Thinking.


Our award-winning Industrial Design service has accumulated a decade of experience in consumer goods. We are particularly strong in Audio, IoT and Home Automation after working exclusively with top-tier brands and in close co-operation with the best manufacturers in China Greater Bay. We provide services in Ergonomics, CAD Design, Prototyping, CMF and Mechanical Engineering.

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Our long experience in IoT makes us a strong partner for user interface design and APP design. We naturally look for opportunities that can support companies in their digital transformation where customer data can be collected, analysed and understood though the interfaces we create. With our R&D partner we provide EE, FW, SW, Certifications and Supply Chain solutions

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